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joe e. daddario ~ singer-songwriter

"Great songwriting and voice! The playlist is available from me".
Tyshchenko Sergey Program Director, Radiostation 'Europa plus Donbass', Ukraine.

"This is a great album that is heavily based on the keyboard factor and reminds me of eighties bands like Shooting Star, John Waite, TOTO, Mark Free, Glen Burtnick, Sheriff, Reo Speedwagon and loads loads more, no more so than on the brilliant Forbidden Feelings, this is a dreamy feelgood song that is set on a hot summer day cruising down the Californian coast, this is the type of song that would've ended up in Baywatch, it's filled with glorious hooks and summertime surf filled with a really catchy poppy/aor chorus that will melt icebergs!! When Things s/b Forgotten catches more summery surf and reminds me of TOTO and poppier bands like Just-If-I, King Of Hearts, L.A.Cowboys and West Of Sunset. This is smooth and polished aor and pop music,so sit back an enjoy this mans wonderful album, because all the songs on Living In The Restless Age are very good and very instant winners.This is also an enhanced cd that features video footage of the brilliant single Retreat, which is simply superb. Get this album bought pronto!!! And bring some sunshine into the cold wintery days."
Nicky Baldrian - Journalist for MHR (Melodic Hard Rock) Magazine, UK
"I've heard so many raving reviews of Joe Daddario's CD from different people that I now consider it compulsory viewing!"
Patrick Martin - Animated Systems Programmer, Instructional Systems Division, FlightSafety International
"The music of joe e. daddario could best be described as contemporary soft rock. There's an early 80's feel going on here. At times, he reminds me of Rick Springfield & even early Bon Jovi (to a certain degree).  Joe is a very talented songwriter who has the ability to touch you with a song!"
Paul Autry, The 1/2 Creeper WebZine, March, 1999, Shamokin, Pa.
"Wow! I linked to your site from IndieBiz. I was interested in listening to your sound ... and was I ever in for a treat. I'm sure you get lots of props! I just want to add to all the others and say "God did something mighty right with you" Good Luck, joe e. I'll be following your career from now on. A new fan. "
Sheilah, July, 2000, Modesto CA, March, 1999, Shamokin, Pa.
"a nice guy to talk to and for 10 bucks sells a CD w/ the source code on it. A screaming deal."
Bob Merrill - The University of Texas, Health Science Center at San Antonio
"Everytime I look at your work I get new ideas that I need today.  Your CD would be very helpful in the schools.  It is the enhanced part that makes it powerful and unique.  You have a wonderful tool.  "
Keith G Pederson - Independent Authorware Developer
"I have reviewed the [Music] video.  I do think you make some good points about the [Domestic Violence] issue.  I will certainly consider it for ... usage in ... our programs."
Bonnie Black - Mesa, AZ. Community College, Administration of Justice Studies Program
"Your CD is great.  I enjoyed all the songs...the Enhanced stuff is refreshing it was listening to your CD and not made to feel I should drop to my knees.  Down here in the Bible Belt, Jesus is jammed down your throat by everyone.  You have felt comfort in your faith and appreciate the non-lecture I got from it.  Your CD points to this without being too overbearing.  I would love to hear more of your music so any info you can give on lost recordings would be great."
Kevin J. O'Brien - C & M Systems Inc, Lawrenceville, GA
"I talked to my Pastor bout your CD.  He got very excited about it's value to people as he ministers to addicts and ex-cons.  He wants to show your CD..."
Keith G Pederson - Independent Authorware Developer
"I listen to your CD often and especially enjoy Little Miss Perfect.  I have often not had success with enhanced CDs but yours operated perfectly. "
Buck Scheliga - Hype Publicity, Recovery Records, Sierra Madre, CA.
"I got your cd today and about all that can come out of my mouth at the moment is, 'WOW!' are extremely talented. Your music is beautiful, your voice is terrific and your words hit home.  My favorites on your album are: Broken Doll and My Heart Is 6 Years Old. I find myself singing them through the day. Your music has inspired me to write a couple of tunes about abuse and how it makes one feel."
Rhonda Watson - Country Music with Style, Country Singer Songwriter,  Pittsburgh, PA.
"I'm a BMI country and gospel songwriter.  Your songs are really great and in this day and age they really do hit home for a lot of people if.   Thank  you and take care."
Juanita Ford - BMI country and gospel songwriter, Naples, Maine
"Since my sister has been through this, I found [the music video] very powerful - it made me cry.  Thank you for sharing with us."
Janet D. - Education Specialist, California
"It was very powerful...[the music video] will serve to help people for years to come."
Gina Bonner - Education Specialist, California
"That was awesome.  I saw your music video 3 times.  It was great."
Dale Niksch - Senior Course Developer, FileNET, California
"I really enjoyed seeing the music video.  I had 'Retreat' in my head for quite a while afterwards."
Lynn Wallace - Documentation Specialist in Education, California
"Your music video is awesome!!!!  You have a beautiful voice.  You are doing good and important work."
Kim Alexis - Software Engineer, California
"I just read your review.  I am very impressed!!  You are a sweet man.  You're doing a good thing and I appreciate you!"
Diane Flewelling - Senior Course Writer, California
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