Christmas Carol Cats

By Jennifer Brice
First Coast News - Airing 12/19/2003 & 12/20/2003.
FERNANDINA BEACH, FL -- Joey Daddario is an aspiring musician who's also an ex-dotcommer. "I got layed off." After losing his job he was looking for ways to make more money with his music. But paying the bills didn't come easy. "I've been trying for years to get breaks in the music industry."

He's made two CD's of his own, then along came Jordy, a homeless kitty he took in. And one day the cat inspired him. "I thought, maybe I can put him to work." And so the "tail" continues says Daddario. "I think I had to be part crazy to have done this."

He turned a regular a cat into a meowing maestro. And the musical team rewrote the holiday classic of "Silent Night," making it into a hit. He used over 100 different "meows" from his cat to remix the classic. "The first Christmas it was out we sold 130 copies," Daddario said.

Not bad for a cat and a guy duo who've made the best out of some bad luck. "The cat makes more money than I do."

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