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Synopsis of the music video Retreat
The Synopsis

When the video begins, the viewer thinks they are watching a Music video because music plays and the requisite credits appear in the lower left corner of the screen.  As the 4 minute, 38 second production unfolds, a very powerful and disturbing story of the domestic violence cycle emerges.

A women flashes back to her childhood, (switch to B&W).  She and her brother are witnessing their parents fighting.  Her brother and her run away to a tree fort in the woods for safety and comfort.  At dawn they return home.  Her brother attempts to fix the abusive home by pouring the liquor down the sink.  Dad catches him and more abuse starts.  His sad sister looks on as an ambulance carts him away.  Back in present time (color) the woman gets out of bed in the morning and begins drinking alcohol.  Her boyfriend confronts her with unpaid bills.  She ignores him.  This infuriates him and he strikes her.  She retreats into her room, crying, clutching a picture of her and her brother as kids in the tree fort.  She imagines her brother, as an adult, returning to her with his guitar to rescue her.  This gives her the strength she needs to flee from her abusive boyfriend.  As the song fades, the following message fades up on the screen one line at a time:


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